Which Trends We Have Seen Til Now – And How They Born! Fashion Week Special
Issey Miyake SS20

Fashion weeks are about creating new trends, showing your passion and showing what you dream about the world and yourself.
Sometimes a collection could born from your imagination, from your perspective, or sometimes it could be about a movie, a fact or your family.
And the beauty of fashion is exactly about this. It is about expressing yourself and bringing a purpose for clothes.
In other words, fashion is art.

Every Fashion Week we see a lot of different creations and new things coming – which is good if you are into trends and want to be fashionable all the time.
However, in the middle of all creations, there are some equal things that stand out and creates a flow, an equal thought. This is what we call a trend.

So, having this in mind, let’s review some of the biggest trends for Fall 2020 based on what happened already.

Grunge Style

Famous in the 90s, the grunge fashion became a “trend” after a lot of celebrities adopt the style.
Among the back of the 90s for the fashion industry, the grunge came – obviously, more modern than ever.
We can notice special touches like straight lines and accessories that mark down the contemporary era, but the layers and the “dirty” look still there.
Designers like Palm Angels, Preen & Vivienne Westwood are some of the artists that present the style on their collection. 


This kind of style has been very famous among royals. With a classy and stylish vibe, Katie Middleton always walked on horses wearing hight-knee cowboy boots, rounded hats and large-shoulders jackets – some of the characteristics that represent the equestrianism look. 
Now, more than ever, the style its back.
Obviously that we can notice a lot of mutations depending on the designer, but the inspiration is there.


It’s been a while that the vintage style is back among people, right?!
This season we have seen a lot of characteristics of this important period for fashion history among the collections.
What is interesting about this style is the mixture between the straight shape and the ruffles. All of them perfectly combined on a simple piece of clothing – this is the beauty of fashion.
Oh, and we can forget of the fabric – that has a heavy look or is full of different prints.
Some designers like Tory Burch and Zimmerman. 


After Jacquemus conquer our hearts with his cute micro bag, the things are getting bigger again. Seems that the clutch era is coming to an end.
The protagonists of this season are accessories and beauty, but we are here to talk about the extras.
At the same time that we are walking through 90s inspirations, with a lot of shoulder bags and small designs, the fashion world collapses with a tendency of big designs – Check out Ulla Johnson and Louis Vuitton.