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Art Hearts Fashion is a leading platform for designers and artists to showcase their collections in a new fashion week setting.

Our events have been held coast to coast and abroad as a national and international platform for designers to showcase at Los Angeles Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and beyond. Founded in 2011, AHF has grown to become a top platform in the art & fashion community.

Los Angeles


October 19th – 22nd 2023

11:11 Make A Wish

On November 11th, we launched a new and unique VR fashion week experience! Our designers have been working hard to create exclusive content to take you on a journey into their world through the art hearts fashion virtual world app launch on 12:12. In addition, we have developed complete fashion week experience packages that will be delivered to your home with special VR headsets, super swag bags, a ton of electronics, designer goods, and surprises, and more! Ticket holders will have first access to our content, but they will include tickets and discount packages to our future in-person events!

By purchasing an at-home fashion week package, you are not only supporting our designers, but you are helping us continue to bring you unique experiences that over the past decade have made the #1 spots on Forbes, yahoo, the today show, NBC, CBS, Fox, and more! by supporting our platform you will help us continue to support our charity partners as we raise millions for them. The economies of the cities we bring tens of thousands of guests to each season!

12:12 Wish Granted

On December 12th, our content will launch for the world to see! But only ticket holders will have access to the VIP content as intended by our designers! Ticket holders will have so much more access as well as social media shout out’s and mentions for our most significant contributors!

Los Angeles FasHion Week
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