What is Los Angeles Fashion Week?

If you are a fan of fashion as a whole, then one of the most important events you can visit is LAFW, also known as LA Fashion Week. What makes this event great is the fact that it happens 2 times per year and it allows producers from all over the world to showcase their unique designs. Usually, the event happens in March and October, this year it will be between October 11th and 15th.

There are many events you can expect to happen here since most of the designers are coming to Los Angeles to bring in front all the latest and coolest fashion ideas for the new season. What makes LA Fashion Week great in particular is that everything is glamorous, unique and it brings in front one of the most interesting and distinct ideas.

Usually, here you can find some of the best designers in the world, but recently more and more event producers are coming here as well. So, you can find indie designers that are coming up with some unique ideas on their own. This does make the event so much more interesting and that on its own goes to show the true value and efficiency that you can obtain as a whole.
LAFW is one of the oldest fashion related events in the industry. It started in the 1970s, and since then it has occurred two times per year. This goes to show the amazing tradition and the outstanding set of quality features that could be offered by the Fashion Week, to begin with.

Since the late 90s however, Fashion Week in Los Angeles was represented by a community of fashion producers. This is when the show really took off, because more and more marketers, journalists and designers started to keep an eye on this event, and that brought it the exposure that was needed here.

What can you expect from Los Angeles Fashion Week? As always, glamour should be right on your radar. The primary stage room has support for up to 900 guests and 400 seats, so you can end up enjoying some of the best presentations in here, which is outstanding. The LAFW team is also using projectors to showcase some of the brands that support the event, as well as some new photos that are quite important for this event too.

There’s also a way for designers to host a private presentation if they want, for up to 100 guests in total. This will allow them to showcase their work with private investors and a wide range of high standard clients, which is quite impressive.

One thing is certain; LAFW is one of the most important upcoming events in the fashion world. If you love fashion in general, go to Los Angeles between October 11-15 and enjoy some of the best new designs out there.