We Need To Talk About Candice Cuoco

You probably have seen the new Lady Gaga music video “Stupid Love”, right?!
And, if you saw it, you notice the outfits – especially the pink leather bikini that Gaga wore.
Well, Candice Cuoco was responsible for those iconic pieces. She designed not only the Lady Gaga outfit but for the blue tribe as well.
In total it was more than thirteen outfits.

What is most incredible about that is the opportunity that Candice had to create the costumes for the first Gaga video in four years.
Lady Gaga is back.
And she looks so similar to the old one.

Candice is specialized in leather and the outfits she created for the video are just… insane.
The asymmetrical pink bikini that Gaga wore at the climax created the futuristic vibe that is such a Cuoco thing!

According to the designer, Lady Gaga was the biggest inspiration for her career, so it is an honor.

“I got into this fashion game because I saw Lady Gaga‘s Bad Romance video, a fashion directed by Nicola Formichetti and wearing Alexander McQueen when he was alive. That’s when I knew there was a place for me in fashion.”

Besides Gaga, Candice also created many pieces for Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha and many other celebrities.