Designers Who Have Moved Shows from New York to Los Angeles

There are lots of designers that like the idea of having their shows in New York, but lately more and more of them are heading to Los Angeles. Moving to the west coast show isn’t exactly simple, but the reality is that many shows about NYC aren’t happening in New York. This is why it can be a very good idea to move and enjoy the LA Fashion Week instead of the NYFW. These are both great events, but the west coast seems to be friendlier and better equipped when it comes to offering high standard value for this type of event.

But what designers are moving to LAFW and leave the NYFW behind? You will laugh, but there are quite a lot of them. And the interesting thing is that many of these are prominent names in the industry, which shows the true importance that these events have at such a particular and important time.

Rebecca Minkoff is said to join LA Fashion Week, and she will not be a part of the New York event anymore. At the same time, there’s a growing list of designers alongside her that are opting for a change of scenery and which want Los Angeles instead of NYC. There are many reasons, lots of which are personal, that go to show the true and distinct value that you can find out there. It’s easy to understand all of this and the fact that Rachel Zoe, Tom Ford, and even Tommy Hilfiger are going to LA Fashion Week instead of other similar events is quite an interesting experience, to say the least.

What type of impact will this have? It is very hard to say. But it’s safe to know that soon we will seem more and more people focused on Los Angeles. There’s a lot of stuff happening in LA at the moment, with more and more consumers being interested in shows like this. It can be quite the experience to have all of this, and the results that you can obtain here are definitely worth your time for sure.

It’s crucial to remember that LA Fashion Week is one of those events ready to bring in front their very best approach on the market. The way we will adapt to all of this will be very important, but the industry isn’t going to suffer from this minor change. Why did this happen to begin with? At the moment, it’s a bit hard to identify, but it seems that designers want to move their shows because it’s just not a feasible option for them anymore.

At the same time, LA Fashion Week seems to deliver more and interesting value for their money. And with more and more people from various sectors coming here, the increased exposure is indeed going to bring in front some delightful and distinct new ideas. And yes, LAFW has a much better place to host all these shows, with the events being more grandiose here. This may be one of the strong points, but in the end, it’s still nice to see fashion experts and designers coming to LA’s event!